At a pace là gì

Tuổi nhỏ làm việc nhỏ, tùy theo sức của mình. Photo by Alexander Dummer on Unsplash

"Do (something) at (one's) own pace" = làm việc tùy theo sức/ tốc độ của mình.

Ví dụ
We feel like we can do anything now, record (thu âm) what we want when we want, at our own pace and with our creativity at the forefront (hàng đầu).

Most online courses are asynchronous (không đồng bộ), meaning they can be completed at your own pace within the calendar due dates (đúng ngày, hạn ngày) set by each professor.

When we are trying to introduce a new topic, I start with a little revision (chỉnh sửa) of things he knows already and then follow it with new skills. This has helped him get used to doing new things at his own pace.

What does living life at your own pace mean? Means you doing you, living on your terms. Its a life that will not make sense (vô nghĩa) to anyone else but you. Regardless of any criticism (chỉ trích), you do it your way. But the condition is, you are happy doing it.

Thu Phương

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