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bring off

1. To complete a task successfully, especially when a positive outcome initially seems or seemed unlikely. A noun or pronoun can be used between "bring" and "off." It's miraculous that we brought the presentation offwe only finished writing it five minutes before walking into the conference room! I'm determined to bring off any challenge they give me.2. vulgar slang To cause one to orgasm.See also: bring, off

bring something off

to cause something to happen; to carry out a plan successfully. Do you think you can bring it off? She brought off her plan without a hitch!See also: bring, off

bring off

Accomplish, achieve successfully, as in We managed to bring off a wonderful performance. [Early 1900s] See also: bring, off

bring off

1. To accomplish something difficult: The promoters brought off the series of concerts without a single problem. We planned the party well beforehand so that we would be sure we could bring it off.
2. Vulgar Slang To cause someone to achieve orgasm. See also: bring, off
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bring it off

manage it successfully, carry it off Don't worry about the project. Mr. Ho can bring it off.

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