How do I Undervolt my Ryzen processor laptop?

It's a 2.3GHz base clock to 4.0GHz turbo mode. However, when it's reaching full speed the temperatures go really high, all the way up to 90-95°C at some points. Keep in mind that the OP temperature of this CPU is 105°C. Still, I fear this will damage the processor or the nearby components.

I've tried setting a limit from Power Options in Control Panel. But it seems that the limit is not set on the maximum speed which is 4.0GHz but on the 2.3GHz base clock, which in turn makes my CPU utterly slow.

As Ryzen Master is not compatible with this processor, is there any other safe way to undervolt my processor or to set a limit on the maximum speed? Thank you all in advance.

Using ASUS TUF705DU gaming laptop.

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