To be hooked on something nghĩa là gì

Hơn tất cả là một lối sống lành mạnh. Photo by Thibault Trillet from Pexels

"Hook on something" nghĩa là bị nghiện một cái gì đó.

Ví dụ
While consumers (người tiêu dùng) are still wrapping their minds around electric cars, drivers in the US have become hooked on big, bulky (đồ sộ) vehicles with high riding positions and more utility (tiện ích) than theyll ever need.

The 23-year-old cadet (học viên) had a dark secret, and that March it got out: He was hooked on opioid pain pills (thuốc giảm đau nhóm opioid) an addiction (nghiện) that began, he says, after he suffered an injury at football practice.

Having watched his older brother literally destroyed (hủy hoại) by drugs, Mohammad Khairuddin Aziz vowed (thề) not to fall into the wretched (thảm hại) world of addiction. Not only has he stayed true to his resolution (quyết tâm), the 42-year-old activist (nhà hoạt động), singer and songwriter has also for the last 20 years been advocating a drug-free lifestyle to youth through punk rock. Not high on drugs, just hooked on punk rock.

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