Can I access Microsoft Remote Desktop on Mac?

Before You Begin

NOTE:If it is not already installed, you will need to install Microsoft Remote Desktop. You can check this in the Applications folder. If installing on a personal computer, go to Apple App Store and download theMicrosoft Remote Desktop. If installing on a TXST computer, installMicrosoft Remote Desktopusing Jamf.

  1. Open Microsoft Remote Desktop and click the PCs tab.
  2. Click the + button and select Add PC.


  3. For the PC name, enter the host address of the Windows computer you want to access.

    NOTE: You can also give this computer a Friendly name.


  4. Click the Display tab. From the drop-down menu, change the Resolution to 1920x1080 and check theStart session in full screen box.


  5. Click the Devices & Audio tab. Check the Printers box.


  6. Click the Folders tab. Check the Redirect folders box.
  7. Click the + button and select a local folder (e.g., your Desktop). Click Add.


  8. Double-click on the listed PC to start the remote connection to your Windows computer.


    Congratulations! You have successfully accessed a Windows computer with a Mac using Remote Desktop.

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